BBQ Brisket knife

BBQ brisket knife with 7.5″ blade

Canadians love their outdoor grills, and a good sharp brisket knife is a necessary tool for the grillmaster. Naturally, of course, you’ll want a BBQ knife handcrafted in Canada…

Like all our knives, each BBQ knife is individually made by hand using only the best Canadian and US materials. The blades are between 7.5 and 9 inches, made from top quality 440c stainless steel milled in America.

440c is a tough high-carbon tool steel that provides stain-resistant qualities without compromising on strength.

High carbon stainless steel for your outdoor grill knife

I use stainless steel bolsters and solid brass pins in the handles. The 5.25″ handle is large and comfortable, constructed with a full-tang for great strength. The handle material is micarta, almost as strong as steel. This knife will hold up under rugged outdoor use next to your grill.

Large, tough stainless steel high-carbon blade!

The overall length of our brisket knives are between 12 and 14 inches. The spine is a hefty 1/8″ thick. This robust spine makes for a very strong and tough blade, that tapers down to sharp cutting edge that’s great for slicing and chopping. BBQ knives need to be great at slicing as well as chopping, and we’ve engineered our beveled cutting edge to do both well.

Stainless steel bolsters and solid steel handle pins.

The big handle compliments that large, heavy blade that’s perfect for slicing through BBQ. I added stainless steel bolsters to the handle to give it a bit more heft. It feels great to hold and is very comfortable in the hand. Extremely sharp and very tough, this BBQ knife will make short work of your barbequed ribs and smoked brisket.

Our BBQ knives feature tough, heavy-duty 1/8″ spine tapering down to a super sharp cutting edge.
Large, comfortable handle


Prices range from $300 to $450:

  • The BBQ Master – 6.5″ – 7″ blade with hardwood handles: $300
  • The Grill Master – 7.5″ – 8″ blade with micarta handles: $350
  • The Beast Master – 8″ blade with micarta handles and heavy duty steel bolsters (as pictured above): $450

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