Knife sharpening and repair Brantford Ontario

Do you have a favorite knife that’s damaged? Maybe the edge is chipped, or the handle is coming off, but you don’t want to throw it away because the knife holds special value for you. The good news is that broken handles and chipped blades can often be repaired.

Knife repair and sharpening, Brantford

Knife Repair

I fix broken knife tips, chipped edges and broken handles right here in my shop in Brantford Ontario.

I first got interested in knife repair back in 2016 while sharpening some old, dull kitchen knives. The handle was coming loose on one of them and that got me curious about how they were made. I’ve since learned how to repair knife handles and blades, as well as make knives with superior edge holding abilities.

Chipped knife edges and broken tips can be repaired

I’ve had many customers bring me a knife with a damaged blade or broken handle. They didn’t want to throw it away because it held a special sentimental value for them. If you have a knife you’d like repaired, drop me a line and let me know what you’d like done. Often a photo helps if you are able to send me one. Use my contact form or email me at

Knife Sharpening

You’d be surprised at the number of people I’ve come across with kitchen knives duller than a butter knife! Don’t worry, regardless of how dull your knife is, I can bring it back to life and make it crazy sharp.

My sharpening fees (below) work on a sliding scale based on the number of knives. The price per knife goes down with the more knives you want sharpened. For instance, the fee for sharpening 5 knives would be $45.

Pricing schedule (if you get the knives to me, either mail or drop off):

Number of knivesPrice per knife
1-2 knives$10
3-6 knives$9
7 or more knives$8

Serrated blades, plus 25%.

Need delivery service?

If you are local to Brantford, and need pick-up and delivery service to your door, I can do that for an additional $20. I will pick-up your dull knives and bring them back to you sharp!

To contact me about knife sharpening, use my contact form or email me at

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