Unique & Whimsical Cheese Knives

I love to turn junk into beautiful, functional works of art. These cheese knives are forged from reclaimed car parts, old steel cable with deer antler and leather handles.

Quirky and stylish, these cheese knives are also conversation pieces with a story, and make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for that special occasion.


Forged from steel cable, with deer antler handle

Forge welded from steel cable using a folded forge-weld technique that results in an extremely tough blade that will hold a sharp edge. The bolster is brass and leather.

$175 Details and more pictures here

Cheese knife forged from a car

This is a fun and whimsical cheese knife forged from the steel of a leaf spring reclaimed from an old automotive leaf spring. It will make a unique, one of a kind gift for that special culinary lover in your life.

Price: ** SOLD **

Veggie knife forged from steel cable

The blade is forged from high carbon steel cable using the ‘Damascus’ technique, giving a waving pattern in the blade. It comes with a long handle of deer antler recovered from the forest floor (no deer was hurt!)

$95 More pictures and info

Wide-blade cheese knife

Made from high-carbon steel milled in the USA. Heat treated using a Japanese technique to produce a hamon line in the blade.

The handle is made with a rose hardwood and brass pins.

Perfect for veggie chopping and cheese slicing.

$125 More photos here…

Elegant cheese knife

Made from stainless steel milled in the US, with a black Micarta handle secured with 5 solid brass pins.

$145 More photos here…

Stylish stainless steel & brass

This cute little cheese knife comes with red or black handles, large brass pins and 440c stainless steel.

$125 See more photos

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