Cheese knives with a dash of whimsy

Quirky and stylish, these cheese knives are also conversation pieces with a story, and make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for that special person in your life.

Each one is individually handmade, so that no two are exactly alike, made from high-carbon steel and heat-treated for optimal edge retention.


Forged from the leaf spring of a pickup truck

Cheese knife forged from automotive steel

This cheese knife is forged from the leaf spring of an F150 pickup truck, and heat treated for great sharp edge retention. Each one is individually forged when ordered, so yours may not be exactly as pictured above, but it will be close in style and dimensions. A fun conversation piece and special gift..



Wide blade cheese knife, stainless steel

Cheese knife with black micarta handle. Sorry, no cheese was available the day we were taking pictures.

This wide blade cheese knife also makes a great veggie chopper.



Forged cheese knives make great conversation pieces

Hand forged from steel cable, with a deer antler handle

Forged from steel cable, with deer antler handle

A very unique cheese knife, forged from a piece of reclaimed steel cable, using a folded forge-weld technique.

Deer antler handle with a brass bolster


More photos of this one-of-a-kind item can be viewed here…


Forged from the re-claimed spring steel of a truck

Paring knife forged from automotive spring steel. The handle is hardwood from my backyard

We re-purposed a piece of spring steel from a car to forge this great little cheese knife. Automotive spring steel is high-carbon and when heat treated makes extremely strong and sharp blades. It is not stainless, so it will develop a patina over time.



High-carbon wide blades

Wide blade high-carbon cheese knife

This blade was heat treated using a Japanese technique to produce a hamon line.

These wide blade cheese knives or veggie choppers are made from high-carbon steel. A acid-etched patina was put on the blade after heat treating.

Red hardwood handle with brass pins.



Stylish, sleek and elegant

This elegant cheese knife has a long sleek handle and curved 3.5″ blade.

Like all of our knives, it can be engraved for a more personal touch

A beautiful cheese knife with a high carbon stainless steel blade, and black Micarta handle.

5 solid brass pins.


More photos of this special knife can be viewed here


A novelty handmade cheese knife makes a great gift.


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