Handmade kitchen knife from recycled saw blade, patterned steel blade.


This very unique custom kitchen knife was handcrafted from an old circular saw blade. An interesting rain-drop splash pattern is etched into the blade using natural mustard acids.

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This handcrafted kitchen knife is a very unique conversation piece. It is a one-of-a-kind piece made from an old saw blade. Designed to be a versatile, multi-purpose knife for the kitchen, it’s a great all-around knife.

The handle is 5″ long and gently curved for a very comfortable fit. The handle material is tough and robust micarta that stands up to wear and tear.

The blade is 4″ long with an interesting rain-drop splash pattern etched into the steel using natural acids from mustard seed.

Like all of our knives, this is completely made by hand in Brantford Ontario.

This one of a kind knife also makes for a unique conversation piece!


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