Handcrafted veggie choppers made in Canada

Our wide blade knives are no-nonsense, versatile little choppers perfect for veggie’s, small cuts of meat and cheese.

Wide blade veggie chopper with patterned steel

These wonderful little knives were nicknamed ‘mini-choppers’ by a happy customer. They are between 3″ and 4.25″ long and feature ‘full tang’ handle construction. The pins are solid brass. These are tough, high quality knives that will last a life time.

They come with either stainless steel or high-carbon blades. The high-carbon blades are patterned, while the stainless steel blades are polished.


The stainless steel choppers with buckeye burlwood handles are priced at $225.

Close-up of the burlwood handle on the wide blade chopper.

The high-carbon patterned choppers below with red handles are $175.

High carbon patterned blade.


Our custom made veggie knives are handy, super-sharp little choppers that make a great gift.

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The wide blade allows for lots of clearance, making chopping a pleasure.

The contoured handles are extremely comfortable.

Great for veggies, and also makes a nice cheese knife.

100% handcrafted in Ontario Canada using only Canadian and US steel.


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