The mini chef knife, perfect for veggie chopping

Our custom made small chef’s knife is a handy, super-sharp little chopper.

This wonderful little chef’s knife was nicknamed the ‘mini-chopper’ by a happy customer. The 4″ blade is made from 440c stainless steel milled in the USA. The handle is ‘full tang’ construction and the handle material is tough micarta. The pins are solid brass. This is a tough, high quality knife that will last a life time.

Like all of our knives, this is 100% handcrafted in Brantford, Ontario Canada.

The total length of this little chopper is 8.25″, making it a very handy and versatile little knife for small, quick chopping and cutting jobs.


A versatile, no-nonsense handy little chopper that’s perfect for veggie’s and small cuts of meat.



Veggie chopper with solid oak handle

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The chopper above comes with a solid oak handle with 3 brass pins. The blade is 3 to 3.25″ with a comfortable, contoured handle. The wide blade allows for lots of clearance, making chopping a pleasure.

Great for veggies, and also makes a nice cheese knife.

100% handcrafted in Ontario Canada using Canadian oak for the handle.



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