Hand made Chef’s Knives

Beautiful large handmade chef knife with solid cherry wood handles

13″ Chef’s Knife with cherry wood handles

13″ total length with a 8.5″ blade, full tang construction for optimum strength. The cherry wood used for the handles is sourced from a local mill.

Made from 440c stainless steel, each blade is individually handmade. The full-tang construction makes it virtually indestructible. This tough knife will last a life-time of demanding use.

Chef’s knife with a 6″ blade, black handles with 4 solid brass pins

Handles option are hardwood (oak, cherrywood, honey locust, walnut) or micarta. The Micarta comes in red or black, and is manufactured from resin and linen. Micarta is extremely durable and water proof, and will last almost as long as the steel.

The blade is 2″ wide, so there is lots of clearance room for your hand while holding the knife and chopping. Your knuckles won’t hit the chopping board!

Elegant chef’s knives with black handles and brass bolster

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