Unique one-of-a-kind knives for the kitchen

All of our knives are 100% handmade in Ontario using North American sourced materials. We make unique chef’s knives, paring knives and choppers for the kitchen, each individually handcrafted in Brantford Ontario.

Large Chef’s knife with wide blade

Large 8″ chef’s knife with solid oak handle. Made from high-carbon stainless steel milled in North America.

$225 More info here

Stylish 6″ Chef’s knife

With solid brass bolster and black micarta handle. Made from high-carbon stainless steel.

$275. See more pictures here!

8″ Brisket knife

This beautiful BBQ knife is large, rugged and crazy sharp. It’ll make short work of your smoked brisket and BBQ ribs.

$295. More photos and details here!

The Mini-Chef

This handy little chef knife is a versatile chopper, made from high carbon steel. The handle is a red hardwood, secured with solid brass pins.

The blade is 4 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide, finished with an acid etch patina.

$95. Buy Now!

Handy picnic knife with carry case

This 8″ paring knife is made from high carbon stainless steel, and comes complete with a leather hand stitched carry case for safe transportation in a backpack or picnic basket.

$75 Shop!

Cheese spreader forged from car parts.

How cool is that?! This butter & cheese spreader is forged from the leaf spring of a car, and finished with an acid etch patina. Solid brass bolster soldered on, with a hardwood Honey Locust handle.

$65 Shop!

Long & slim kitchen knife with hardwood handle

A beautiful, long slender blade hand ground from 440c US stainless steel, with a Honey Locust handle.

$220 More pictures & info

Compact mini chopper

A nifty little chopper with a short blade, but wide so that your knuckles will clear the cutting board.

Made by hand from stainless 440c US steel. 440c is a high carbon tool steel. Because of its high carbon properties, it stays sharp and holds its edge.

$125 More pictures & info

Stylish 3″ Paring knife

An elegant and stylish kitchen knife with a blade just a bit over 3″. Made from 440c stainless steel from the USA, full tang construction and durable yet beautiful micarta handles with solid brass pins. 100% handmade in Canada.

$95 Shop Now…

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