Forged veggie chopper from reclaimed truck steel

Veggie chopper forged from reclaimed automotive spring steel

One day while walking to the corner grocer, I found a chunk of leaf-spring on the side of the road. It must have fallen off of a passing car or truck. Being a knife-maker, I knew it would be 5160 steel and makes excellent knives.

I took it back to my forge, heated it up and started hammering on it. I didn’t have any particular shape in mind – I just wasn’t in the mood for serious work and wanted to have some fun. As I hammered away this whimsical form started to take shape, and I decided to just go with it. I’m not sure exactly what kind of knife it is – so let’s call it a cheese knife or veggie chopper.

Forged veggie chopper

Steel from car and truck leaf springs make excellent edge holding knives. When forged and heat treated properly the knives forged from this type of steel is tough, durable and stays sharp.

This handmade knife was a lot of fun to forge. I decided not to sand away all the hammer markings, and intentionally left some of them as a reminder of the story behind this knife.

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