Forged Cheese Knife

This cheese knife was forged from a section of leaf spring I found on the side of the road. The leaf springs of cars and trucks are made of 5160 steel. This kind of steel is ideal for re-purposing as knives and other edge holding tools, and is virtually indestructible when properly forged and heat-treated.

From the size and thickness of the leaf spring I am pretty sure it came from a truck, since it is very close to the Ford F150 leaf spring I have in stock.

Total length of the cheese knife is 10″. You can still see some of the blacksmithing marks from the forge. I decided to leave some of the blacksmithing marks and not polish them all completely away, giving this cheese knife a history and story.

This is a very unique, one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

Price: $90

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