Custom made paring knives in Ontario Canada

The humble paring knife is an essential in any kitchen. Give yours a personalized touch by having it engraved.

We have paring knives forged from automotive spring steel, and handcrafted from high-carbon 440c stainless steel.

Handmade paring knives, for a personal and unique gift

All our handmade paring knives are individually made in Brantford Ontario, using top quality high-carbon steel and superb craftsmanship.

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Paring knife with Japanese style octagonal “Wa” handle. The handle is cherrywood with a red burlwood bolster. Stainless steel blade. (click on image for more photos).
The ‘Alaina’ – 7.5 inches overall length with a 4 inch blade. Black handle with 5 brass pins. $195.
The ‘Jenny’ – 8″ paring knife with a 4 inch blade, red handle with 5 brass pins. $195

These handmade paring knives are unique conversation pieces

The ‘Jenn’ – this paring knife was forged from automotive spring steel. The handle is hardwood secured with brass pins. (1 in stock). $250

A no-nonsense little paring knife entirely forged by hand from the leaf spring of a car.

The pattern on the blade is etched using a mustard patina. A paring knife forged from automotive spring steel makes for an interesting conversation piece and a very unique gift for that cook in your life. Automotive spring steel is high-carbon and is excellent for making tough knives that will hold a sharp edge even after constant use.

The “Pennie”

High-carbon stainless steel with poplar burl wood handle, infused with red-dyed resin. This beautiful little paring knife will make a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. $195

Price list

  • Japanese style Wa handled paring knife, varnished oak or cherrywood: $195 – in stock (more photos)
  • The ‘Alaina’ – 7.5″ paring knife, black handle, 4″ blade: $195 – “SOLD”
  • The ‘Marie’ – 7″ paring knife, black handle, 3″ blade: $195 – “SOLD”
  • The ‘Jenny’ – 8″ paring knife, red handle, 4″ blade: $195 – in stock
  • The ‘Jenn’ – forged from automotive leaf spring, hardwood honey locust handle: $195 – in stock
  • The ‘Pennie’ – paring knife with red burlwood handle: $195 – in stock


All of our knives can be engraved.

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