A Handmade Kitchen Paring Knife

Looking for something unique, that one-of-a-kind gift for someone special? The humble paring knife is one of the most frequently used and handiest tools we have in the kitchen. Everyone who likes to cook needs one, and even people who don’t like to cook still need one. What better gift for that cook in your life than a custom, one-of-a-kind paring knife that’s been handmade by a local artisan?

Beautiful handmade paring knife

A handmade knife makes a wonderful gift because it’s beautiful, artistic and practical. The perfect combination of function and art that will last a lifetime, (and they will think of you every time they pick it up to use!)

For today’s blog I thought I’d share some photo’s of one of my favorite projects – a paring knife I forged from an automotive leaf spring. I can’t tell you what kind of vehicle it comes from because I found the chunk of leaf spring on the side of the road. Ironically enough, I came across it while I was walking down to my local auto repair shop to pickup my car that was in for some repairs. I think it probably came from a pickup truck, since it is very close in size with leaf spring I know comes from a Ford F150 pickup. But I can’t be certain.

Forged paring knife.

Hand forged from an automotive leaf spring and polished, with a solid hardwood handle.

I took it home and forged a paring knife from it. (Pictures are below.) The handle comes from a Honey Locust tree in our backyard. Honey Locust is a beautiful hardwood with a lovely grain pattern. All of my knives are handmade in Ontario, using Canadian and U.S. steel and locally sourced hardwood.

You can see all my kitchen knives on my kitchen gallery here. If any happen to catch your eye, it can be ordered online here.

Handmade paring knife from automotive spring steel is super strong

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