My No-Nonsense BBQ Brisket Knife

Today’s blog will feature our BBQ/Brisket knife. Each one is individually handmade from Canadian and US materials, right here in Ontario Canada. The 8″ blade is top quality stainless steel milled in America. The 5″ handle is large and comfortable, constructed with a full-tang for great strength. The handle material is micarta, almost as strong as the steel blade.

The particular piece featured in these photos was made to order for a customer last Christmas, who was looking for a special gift. I’m personally very proud of how this knife turned out.

The big handle compliments that large, heavy blade that’s perfect for slicing through BBQ. I added stainless steel bolsters to the handle to give it a bit more heft. It feels great to hold and is very comfortable in the hand.

Each knife is made to order, using only stainless steel milled in the USA or Canada. Extremely sharp and very tough, this BBQ knife will make short work of your barbequed ribs and smoked brisket.

BBQ Brisket knife
BBQ Knife with a heavy duty 8″ blade
BBQ Brisket knife

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