A happy customer and his handmade kitchen knife

One of the most gratifying things about making knives comes from making customers happy. I love it when someone is happy with what I’ve made.

Ben with his new kitchen knife

Recently a customer bought one of my kitchen knives as a present for his son-in-law, Ben, and sent me this photo (above – used with permission). Ben loves his new knife and uses it daily.

The style of knife he has is one of my most popular designs. My wife dubbed the style as a ‘mini-chopper’. I also call it a ‘mini-chef’. Chef’s knives are larger, typically with a blade that’s between 6 to 10 inches long. We make those too, and they are essential tools in any kitchen. But sometimes what you need is something shorter than a chef’s knife, but still good for chopping and bigger than a paring knife.

Here in the photo above Ben is using his mini-chopper to cut up pieces of chicken. It slices through the ligaments and cuts off the knuckles easily.

Our 3″ mini-chopper with black micarta

My ‘mini-chopper’ is great for those chopping jobs when you don’t want a blade that’s too long. Perfect for chopping veggies and small cuts of meat. The blade on this mini-chopper is tough, firm and robust and will not bend. It’s made from stainless 440c steel, with a tough moisture resistant micarta handle with solid brass pins.

Many thanks to Ben and his father-in-law for sending me this photo! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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