The Good Atheist

The Good Atheist
The Good Atheist

The Good Atheist explores a future in which atheism has become a new type of religion, about one man’s journey to find God in a brave new world that seeks to outlaw Him. Available on Amazon.

Jack Callaghan is a good atheist. He doesn’t believe in religious ‘fairy tales’ and won’t accept anything without evidence. Which is just as well, since faith of any kind is a cerebral crime in 2058.

His wife Selene used to be a super model. Once beautiful and confident, she turned into a recluse after a car accident left her horribly disfigured. Since then she hasn’t left the house, shunning friends and family and everyone who loves her. And she has no plans to ever step outside the front door again.

Both their lives are about to change forever when Jack inherits a secluded cabin in the woods. For within the cabin he finds evidence that his father, a famous scientist long believed dead, is alive and in hiding from the Tolerance Bureau. Jack sets out to find him, but his journey to find his father soon turns into a race for his life when he uncovers the explosive truth behind his father’s disappearance – a truth the Tolerance Bureau is desperate to conceal and will do anything to keep hidden.

Because behind his father’s disappearance are the reasons his scientist father became a believer.

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The Believer

The Believer - futuristic fiction
The Believer – futuristic fiction

In the future her faith is a crime…

The Believer is set in the same future milieu as The Good Atheist, and makes an exciting companion to that book. It follows the story of Hillary Wells, a scientist who finds faith, and a police detective responsible for tracking down Intellectual Anarchists – like Hillary.

In 2062 faith is a crime. And Hillary Wells, a brilliant astrophysicist, has become a believer. She’s branded as an intellectual anarchist and goes on the run, with Special Agent Jim Rogan hard on her heels determined to catch her.

Rogan is a hard-boiled agent with a very special talent: investigating intellectual anarchists and cerebral misfits. But this is no ordinary case – and not just because Hillary is a famous scientist. She also happens to be his old college sweetheart.

At first Jim refuses to believe the charges against her. When he last knew her, she was a good atheist like all responsible citizens. Smart people don’t believe in God, especially scientists, and Jim knows that Hillary was smarter than most – and as everyone knows, there’s no proof for God.

Or is there? As Jim follows the evidence he uncovers more than just Hillary’s hiding place – he also uncovers the evidence that brought her to faith. And what he discovers puts him on a collision course with everything and everyone he holds most dear.

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